Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From my Phone

Here are a few of my favorite pics from my way cool camera phone (Thanks babe, I LOVE it!)

Just in case you were wondering, Michelle still loves her Bug.

WARNING- You are about to view a naked baby booty!

Michelle has a drug problem... she'll go to great lengths to get her Tylenol.

She makes me smile every day with her cute faces.

And Yes, we're still teething.

Michelle loves to jump and play in her exo-saucer.

Michelle had her first bubble bath and loved it!

This was actually at the doctor's office. As many of you know, your baby has be half naked the whole time, so we bundle Michelle up while we're there.

You know how babies pick favorites? Like, one day dad's her favorite and then the next day it's mom? Well Michelle's favorite has been Grandpa for about eight months now. I'm getting a little jealous.

Just look at those big brown eyes!

I love this picture...


Thanks again Bryan, for my cool new phone!

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Ben and Jessica said...

I love that scrunchie face she's making in her car seat. She's so stinkin yummy! Give her big squeezes for me. And change your font!! At least the color, that's easy. Just go back to that colorzilla thing, or the color finder thing.. whichever you used.. find a new color, then go into your html on blogger and replace the color codes. Easy peasy. Do it!