Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bathroom Makeover

A few weeks ago Bryan and I discovered a few sugar ants around his side of the vanity in our bathroom. We killed them and went about our day. The next day the ants were back, and brought a few of their friends with them. In order to find the source of the ants we had to take the giant mirror down. I convinced Bryan that while we had the mirror down we should take the opportunity to frame it. I've been wanting to do that since the day we moved in, and this gave us the perfect opportunity. Well, just like the book, If you give a mouse a cookie... Framing the mirror turned into framing the mirror and painting, which turned into framing and painting and a new light fixture, which turned into framing and painting and a new light fixture and a few new "pretties" to make things look nice. That's about where Bryan drew the line and said, "Enough!" 

I'm a little bummed that I forgot to take any before pictures, but try to imagine builder white walls, and plain builder grade fixtures. 

With Bryan being color blind he let me pick the paint color. I LOVE it! It's a light blueish green color. I think it was called weathered glass, or something like that, from Lowes. After painting we took a little bit of the left over paint and made our mark on the empty space that would be behind the mirror. 
 We bought some liquid nails, measured out the space we would need for the frame, and put the surprisingly heavy mirror back up. We didn't want to rush anything, and needed to be sure the mirror wasn't going to come crashing down on us so we used a good amount of painters tape and let the mirror sit for two days.
 While the mirror was sitting "we" (read Bryan, without any help whatsoever from me) put the shelving up.
 I cleaned out a few old candle containers from Bath and Body Works and filled them with Q-Tips and Cotton balls. I like them a lot more than the cardboard Q-Tip box, and plastic cotton ball bag.
 We also painted the trim, and bought a new light fixture during the wait time. Once we were sure the mirror was secure we put up the frame and let that sit for another day. Then Bryan and I sat in our bedroom for a few hours and tried to figure out how to attach the new light fixture. I'm not going to lie, this was the most difficult part of the whole make over! Eventually we figured it out, and were glad that we didn't give up and stick the old ugly one back up there. 

Ta-Da! The beautiful finished product! Now, to convince Bryan to do the same thing in the girls bathroom...

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