Saturday, July 26, 2014

Anniversary Restaurant Hopping

Today was a special day for Bryan and I. It's was our 8 year anniversary! I still can't believe that I was lucky enough to get to marry my very best friend for time and all eternity EIGHT years ago! Sometimes it feels like we have been together forever, but on days like today it seems like it was just yesterday that we were flirting and passing notes in high school. Ah, the good ol' days. That was back before we had kids, and "big boy jobs", and constant household chores, and all the other crazy things that we have today. Luckily, we have amazing parents who are willing to watch the kids, Saturdays that are job free, and the ability to lock the front door and pretend that everything is pretty and clean inside. Which means we get to go on crazy fun dates and reconnect like we did in the good 'ol days!

This year we decided to do something we've never done before and go restaurant hopping. I've got to say, it's a lot of fun! So, here's how it works... You pick one restaurant to have your appetizer, one restaurant for your entree, and one for your dessert. Easy, right?! Well, for two people who are super indecisive and never want to put the other person out, this task was a little daunting. So, we decided to let fate decide. We made a list of all the restaurants we like, cut it into strips, folded them up, and picked at random. Here's what we ended up with:
Outback, Palio's, & Friday's
 Stop number one was Outback Steakhouse. We haven't been here in YEARS so it was fun to visit an old favorite. I have to admit that it was a little hard to ONLY order an appetizer with all of the steak around me. Bryan kept me strong though and, in the end, I'm glad we stuck to the plan.
  Our second stop was Palio's. Can I just say, YUMMM! Bryan has never been here so it was his first experience with this amazing Pizza place. We ordered the BBQ Chicken Pizza to share. Even with it being as delicious as it was, we still took home half the pizza. 
 Our final restaurant was TGI Friday's. When we pulled this one for dessert I was a little bummed because I've never ordered dessert from Friday's before, and I was kinda hoping to pull BJ's (Pazookie anyone?!) or Braums. We sat down and looked over the dessert menu and picked two different desserts. I got some Oreo, Fudge, Ice Cream dessert, and Bryan ordered their Brownie and Ice Cream dessert. Sorry, I don't remember what either of them were called. I do have to say, Bryan was nice enough to share a few bites of his and OH. MY. GOSH. It was so rich, and so yummy. I don't know how he finished it, but it was WAY better than my oreo dessert! And the Oreo one was pretty tasty itself. 
 In the end we both agreed that it was a really fun date. We'll definitely do it again, but we'll probably go about picking our restaurants a little bit differently. The BEST part of the whole date was being able to be alone with each other for so long and not having to take anyone to the bathroom, or tie a shoe, or break up any fights. It was pure-alone-couple time. 
Thomas S Monson said to "Choose your love; love your choice", and I absolutely do! Happy Anniversary babe!

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Siouxsie said...

That is such a fantastic idea! I want to go do it now. Congratulations on your first set of 8 years. Here's to many more!