Sunday, August 17, 2014

Helping Hands

This first picture has absolutely nothing to do with the post, but it's pretty freaking adorable so I had to include it...

This week has been full of growing up and helping each other out. Hailey is beginning to be more independant and mobile, but can't quite do everything she wants to do yet. She loves to play with our magnetic singing alphabet, but can't always get the letters to fit into the slot to make it sing. Michelle and Tina also like to play with it so they have been very nice to help Hailey make it sing whenever she gets too frustrated.
 Hailey has been a rock star when it comes to eating solid foods. If she has a choice to eat baby food or real food she will choose real food every time! It has been a huge help to be able to put her food down in front of her and know that she will gladly feed herself. The only down side to that is the horrible mess she makes!
 Lucky for me, I have two other girls who like to pretend they are princesses. My favorite princess for them to pretend to be has been Cinderella. All I have to do is give them wet rags, and show them a messy place on the floor. They then get down and start humming or singing and mop the mess right up! 
 Bryan has also had extra help during his workout time. Hailey adds just the right amount of extra weight for him to really feel the burn while he does push-ups. 
 That brings us all the way back around to Sunday (today). There was a pretty big thunderstorm that rocked our house early this morning. The girls didn't want Daddy or Me to get scared so they helped us feel safe by snuggling up in our bed. 
I have the best house full of helpers a Mommy could ever want!

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