Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Gifts

Michelle had been excited for her birthday party for weeks! So when the day finally came she was all smiles and giggles!

Her favorite part of the pre-party set up was definitely the balloons!

I still haven't gotten pictures uploaded from Michelle's actual party, but she got some awesome gifts!

She plays in her play set every day! She slides "really fast!" and drives "like captain hook" and even looks through the telescope at the starts and sees "Mickey's comet"! It's also an awesome spot to hide!

"Shhh, don't tell Daddy where I am!"

Nana got Michelle this huge treasure chest for us to put all her new toys in! We probably unload it and re load it at least twice a day! She also got a few new Little People play sets. She got an airplane that she calls her "Rocket" and a boat that she goes fishing for "gooy fish" in.

Mommy and Daddy got her this little pool to keep her cool when we play outside. So far (since it's been super hot) there has only been one day a week that she hasn't insisted on playing outside. Sunday, the day we go visit Grandma and Pa, is the only day of the week Bryan and I get to stay inside for the majority of the day. So this was a pretty good gift (if I don't say so myself!). Nana also gave us a bigger pool that Bryan and I actually fit in and that has helped a lot too!
This is actually a drum! lol! Michelle decided to use it as a seat this day for some reason. But Jess has a pretty cute picture of Clayton using it like an actual drum on her blog.

Speaking of Jess- The Jones family got Michelle this alphabet toy that sticks to the fridge. Michelle plays with it every time we go into the kitchen! She puts a letter in, dances like a mad woman, and then puts the letter down below until all the letter have had a turn!

Wait a sec... what's that she has spelled out?!

Awww ;) What a sweetie!

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Andrea said...

YOu have a beautyfull girl, I love it.