Friday, February 6, 2009

Bump in the Night

It finally happened! Last Wednesday, the day of that huge ice storm, at 11:35 pm I felt her kick! No, it wasn't just little butterflies, or a small rubbing feeling like everyone said it would be... it was definitely a kick!
Bryan and I went to bed around 11:00 that night and I was just falling asleep when- bam! There she was, as clear as ever saying "here I am!" I went from almost asleep to wide awake instantly! I turned to Bryan and grabbed his hand. I'm pretty sure I yelled at him to "Wake up and give me your hand!" I put his hand right where I felt the kick and we both waited. After a few seconds Bryan yawned and asked "did you feel something?" For some reason I thought feeling the baby kick required quiet so I shushed him and told him to "just wait." Then a little smaller this time she kicked again! Bryan sat up, widened his eyes and moved his hand a little. He didn't feel it as much as I could so he told me to tell him whenever she did it again so he would know for sure it was her and not just my stomach tensing. After one more small kick she was done. We waited and waited, but for the next 15 minutes she was still. Bryan laid back down and fell asleep again in less the 5 minutes. I, however, was up for the next two hours trying to feel her move again. I don't remember falling asleep that night, but I remember waking up to Bryan shaking my stomach and talking into it singing, "Wake Up! And do something more..." (For those of you who know my family well enough, you know why this was so funny!) The next night we both laid there waiting for her to kick again, but felt nothing. I am lucky enough to be able to feel her either move or kick at least once a day. Bryan tries to feel her, but can really only feel the big kicks. We were in bed last night (again around 11:30) when, I swear; I thought she was trying to kick her way out of my stomach. Bryan put his hands on my belly right where I told him and three of four times in a row could feel her pounding away. He was so funny and asked me "doesn't that hurt?" I told him that I loved it, and get so excited every time I feel her! I don't know why, but it's just one of those things that never gets old and makes me smile every time!


Sara and Wade Jacobsen said...
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Sara and Wade Jacobsen said...

I accidently deleted my comment. What I wrote was...Hi Randi! Thanks for the comment. It looks like you have been busy too! Congrats on the baby. That is so exciting. I hope all is going well.