Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Half-Way Day!!

Friday marked my official half-way point! It's all down hill from here! (I'm SO excited!!) Bryan knew how pumped I was to have this day finally come so he gave me these beautiful Gerbers to help celebrate. They're, by far, my favorite flowers! They just make you happy...
He also planned for us to go out to dinner and to a movie (since we probably won't be doing much of that once the baby is born), but after working all day and finally getting home at 7:00.... we both decided to stay home. So we went on a walk together, ordered pizza, and watched a movie. To make it a little special I got to order my favorite pizza- Canadian Bacon and pineapple, instead of just pepperoni and cheese. After dinner Bryan talked me into taking a "half-way shot". Now remember, this is after a full day of playing with elementary kids, going on a walk, laying down to watch a movie... and lot of other things... I guess what I'm trying to say is- this was no glamor shot!

Bryan and I also have this little book that Jess let us borrow that we read from every week. It updates us on what's going on with our baby and what I should expect for that week. Here's a few things that I thought were really cool about this week:

My baby weighs 9oz and is 10 inches long from head to toe! (Isn't that crazy! TEN INCHES!)
She has fully developed ears, nose and lips. She's even working on eye brows! From this point on most women gain about 1 pound a week. (This means that I will have gained 24 pounds by the time I deliver. Not too bad...)

Some things that most women are experiencing at this point that I (for better or worse) am still missing:

Feeling their baby kick, and having their husbands feel it too! (I can't wait to feel her... Dr.Mos says it should be happening any day now. Let's all focus, really hard, together and maybe it will happen today!)Having consistent cravings for the same foods. (pickles and ice cream...eww! Thank goodness I'm not experiencing anything crazy like this yet!)
Having to buy maternity- everything -pants, shirts, underwear, bathing suits... (Thanks to my genius sister I have embraced the bella band, and haven't bought a single pair of maternity pants! I'm also lucky enough to never have to buy maternity underwear... I can't even imagine! lol!)


Andrew Ryan said...

oh u are so freaking cute pregnant!!

Natasha said...

You look way cute!