Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Pa

Last Sunday was my Dad's birthday! Everyone came over for Sunday dinner which dad normally makes. This Sunday Jessica and I decided to give him a break from cooking and said that we would make dinner and dessert for him. Well... Dad decided that he wanted roast with dutch oven potatoes for dinner and carrot cake for dessert. This was all fine until Jessica and I realized that neither one of us knew how to make roast! So instead of letting dad take the day off from cooking, we gave him the gift of letting him teach us how to make roast! (lol, thanks Pa!) Fortunately, I have made a few carrot cakes before, so I did that, and Ben makes awesome dutch oven potatoes, so he did that.

When it came time to have cake my mom went to get candles for dad to blow out. Dad was turning 44 so she needed two fours. Well, she has one of every number... only one. So Dad got to be 43 plus 1! You can see what we did in a few of the pictures, if you look closely.

Mom got dad a new set of scriptures (all leather cases) and a new scripture bag!

Happy Birthday Pa!

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Ben and Jessica said...

I'm so glad you posted about this! I've been such a failure at taking pictures of my family it's pathetic! I'm glad that you're picking up my slack! Good job Rand, you're turing into quite the fine blogger!