Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baby Shower, School, Work, Moving, and More

Ok, it's official... I suck at updating my blog! I don't know what happened! I went from having way too much free time to having literally none! So here's the speedy version of what's been going on since... when was my last post? Anyway- Bryan and I celebrated our two year anniversary in July and had a wonderful week off together! (I have pictures and stories to add when I get a few more minutes.) Ben and I finally convinced Jessica to have a baby shower! "Yeah!" (For all those interested here's the info about the shower ) I'm up at TWU for school this semester and I've discovered a few things about this school. First- it's a freaking long drive to make three times a week! Second- I honestly believe that the teachers plan their curriculum assuming that you either live on campus or don't have a job. And Third- If you ever EVER admit to a teacher that your number one priority isn't school, you are going to get completely embarrassed in front of everyone else in the class. (No, this didn't happen to me. Thank goodness there was another girl who said what I was thinking before I got the chance to say it!) I'm also back to PASAR this year. This year I will have the privilege of watching the kids who were in Kindergarten when I started "graduate" from 5th grade! How crazy is that! Bryan and I are also moving in a few weeks into another apartment. Somehow we went from a tiny one bedroom at Benton point, and not having enough furniture to fill it, to a huge two bedroom here, and having too much stuff! So now we're going back to a one bedroom... this will be interesting! So to try and help with the "too much stuff" issue we are also trying to organize a yard sale for either late September or early October. "Does anyone need a BBQ? How about a vacuum?!" I'll try my best to let ya'll know when everything is happening and how it all goes! On top of all this Bryan and I are still in the "trying again" phase of the baby making process. So far the count is two pregnancies and zero babies. We've run a bazillion tests and so far Dr. Moss hasn't found any reason for "why", but we're sure it will happen when it's supposed to! Again, I know I suck at keeping ya'll updated. As Jess always says "...I'm a work in progress!"

P.S.- Jessica has got me hooked on The Office. I was watching an episode the other day and it made me think of her babyshower. It almost made me want to resend the invitations with this quote added-
Angela: "Meredith! If you don't come to my party, you will be very, very sorry."
Meredith: "Is that a threat?"
Angela: "No, it's an invitation."

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Ben and Jessica said...

Rand.. You're an angel! You have so much on your plate right now and you're such a trooper! I hope you know how much we all appreciate all you do for us. And I'm so glad you're watching The Office!!