Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2 Month Old Anniversary Post

I know it was two months ago, but Bryan and I celebrated our two year anniversary this July! It was so great~ we both took a full week off to celebrate. We talked about it and agreed to spend Saturday (our actual anniversary) just hanging around the house and getting things done so we could enjoy the rest of our time off. Well, I guess neither of us are very good at keeping to our agreements because I ordered us an anniversary cake (it's the exact same type of cake as our top tier from our wedding), and Bryan bought me a gift.

Since we hadn't planned on doing anything special on the day of our anniversary we decided to each take a day of the week and plan our own anniversary celebration days for each other! It was kinda funny though because Bryan's day for me was really a day for him, and my day for him was really a day for me! Here, let me show you-

Bryan's Day:

For Bryan's day we stayed home most of the morning. Bryan played games and I lounged around in my pj's and watched TV. Later that afternoon we went over to my parents house and went swimming. After swimming we hurried home, took showers and got ready for a night at Medieval Times! It was so much fun! And the food was actually really good!

My Day:

On my day we had a jam packed schedule! We started the morning off at Einsteins for breakfast. Then we shot up to McKinney where we spent a couple of hours at Craig Ranch in the Spa. (We got a couples massage and played around in the "lounge room" for a while.) After our massages we were ready for lunch so we went to The Corner Bakery where they make the best panini's EVER! Then we went to... don't laugh... we went to make pottery. I know, everyone in my family gave me a hard time for making Bryan come with me to make pottery, but it's really relaxing and we actually had a lot of fun doing it! We both made pasta bowls since that's our favorite meal to make together. Mine was taller and a little less wide and I colored it brown with pink dots. Bryan's was a little shorter, but wider. His is blue with yellow dots around the rim. He also added the word "yum" on the inside bottom, and a smiley face on the outside bottom. By the time we were done with pottery it was getting late and we still needed to get back to Plano for our dinner reservations. We ate a Brio in the new shopping center off of Bethany. I thought it was really good, but Bryan wasn't too impressed. After dinner we were both pretty pooped so we stopped at The Cheese Cake Factory to get some dessert to go. The sad part is... we went home and went straight to bed. We didn't even eat our dessert!

We had lots of fun together on our week off! I wish we could spend every week like that. Oh well, Happy (really late) Anniversary babe!

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