Monday, July 21, 2008

Wild Weekend

This weekend was very busy for Bryan and I. I got my hair done with Jess and mom, we went to see Batman, went shopping, got sick, and finalised a few big decisions.

Jess, mom, and I got to the same hair girl in McKinney. So, every six to eight weeks we plan on spending at least 3 hours together getting our hair done. After my last hair cut everyone kept telling me how I needed to get highlights, and put some color in my hair. But I've never colored my hair and really didn't want to. however, every summer my hair gets this natural red tint to it. It's usually so pretty! This summer, for some reason, my hair didn't turn red at all! So I've been very sad about that. So when it came time for us to get our hair done this last Saturday I decided that I would have her put in a few red highlights. It turned out so cute! So I tried taking some pictures to put up so y'all could see. Because she did exactly what I wanted and blended the color so well that you could only see the red in the sun... it doesn't show up in any pictures! So Just imagine my hair... now imagine it being in the sun and having a pretty red shine to it... See- Beautiful!

OK if you haven't seen this movie yet you MUST go see it! Don't worry I won't spoil anything for you, but just know it was awesome! It was such a good story and had a few really cool twists! I know it's two and half hours, and that sounds like a really long time, but it's worth every minute! I never had that feeling of "when is it going to end" or "OK, I get it, move on"! They did an awesome job!

Have you been to Targets clearance racks lately? They have some pretty cool stuff for really cheap! I got two really soft, stretch, t-shirts (one blue with a circle neck, and one green with a v-neck) for $4 each! I also got a cute orange sweater/3/4 sleeved t-shirt thing. That was only $7! And I got a jacket for $8. I know it's summer and you're thinking why do you need a jacket or sweater in the summer, but if you were in my classroom all day you would want them too! I swear it never gets above 70 degrees! "Brr"!

OK, Decision #1: Remember that house that we found that was totally PERFECT? Well, Bryan kept having panic attacks every time we talked about buying a house so we put that on hold for a few days. Then when we went to revisit the idea Bryan explained that the reason he really didn't want to get into a house is because he would much rather start a family right now. After many many many long and upsetting conversations Bryan still would not agree with me that we should get into a house now and start a family in a year or two. So here's the end result ... we're getting new furniture, and a nicer apartment, and in a year or two we will look for houses again.
Bye, Bye, House!

Decision #2: While we were getting our hair done Jessica said she was considering letting me throw her a baby shower. Before Saturday she was 100% against having one! So Ben and I had been sneaking around behind her back and setting things up. I even started a blog page that will be on the invitations! I am totally excited about it! And it's great now because I can actually talk about it openly with out having to worry about her finding out! Good choice Jess!

Summer Cold-
I had no idea you could get sick during the summer! Friday morning I woke up and had the worst soar throught ever! I figgured that I had just slept with my mouth open or something, but no matter how much water I drank it still hurt. Then Saturday, along with the continuing soar throught, my nose got all stuffy and I started getting light headed pretty randomly. Sunday rolls around and I was exausted! I slept horrable, and was so tired all day! This morning I called my Dr. and told her what was going on and she said it might be strep so she wanted me to come in asap! So I went it, almost gaged on a cotton swab ( I swear they stick those things half way to your stomach!), and found out that I didn't have streap! Thank goodness! She said that it was probably just a summer cold. Did you catch that? -A SUMMER (meaning hot and in no way chilly) COLD (usualy the thing you catch after being outside too long in the winter)! I guess she could tell that I had no cluse what she was talking about because she went on to explain that it was basicaly just really bad allergies that would me me feel like I would if I had a cold. So she gave me a very cool Rx for some miracle drugs and I came home and crashed for a few hours.

Well, that was my weekend... how was yours?

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Ben and Jessica said...

Well.. you definitely know how to pick a house! That is too cute! I'm sorry ya'll couldn't get it!