Monday, July 14, 2008


Well, Bryan and I are stuck. As many of you may know Bryan and I have been looking at houses recently. We have looked in Wylie, Plano, Allen, and Princeton. This last weekend Bryan and I found a house that we fell in love with! It was perfect- about 2000 sq/ft, new kitchen appliances and cabinets, 4 bedrooms (or 3 and an office), 2 bathrooms, built in 2005, BEAUTIFUL home! So here's what happened-

We found out the the deadline for bidding on this house ended Sunday at midnight. Unfortunately we wouldn't have our mortgage lone ready until Tuesday. So we were both totally disappointed and thought that we had lost the house. So Sunday morning rolls around and our broker calls us and says to place a bid on the house. She said we could defiantly afford X dollars so to bid that much. So then Bryan and I start to get excited about it again until we pull out a mortgage calculator and find out that yeah we can afford that much, but we would be very tight every month. So now we're back to no house. Then we start thinking of our down payment and how much we really have saved and what if we put a lot more into the down then we originally had planned and what about this and that, and all this other stuff came up! So to cut a really long story short we were very stressed all day long and could think about anything else except this house and if we could afford it or not. Eventually we decided that we were going to place a bid and just bid low- this way if we got it then is was "meant to be" and if we didn't then it wasn't! So Bryan calls his dad to place the offer and we find out that his dad's licence had expired. So all that stress was for nothing because we can't even place an offer! Once again Bryan and I were sad, but figured it really wasn't meant to be. So then we started talking about maybe staying in an apartment for another year and having a baby, then when Bryan was in a better job we would revisit this whole house thing.

This morning Bryan and I were talking about having a baby and how happy we would be with starting our family. As I'm sure you all know we almost started our family a few months ago, but ran into ... (we'll call it) a glitch. So while we had planned on getting into a house and then having a baby, we had accepted the fact that maybe we were supposed to wait a little while on the house. WELL- I was talking to someone about this house and how great it was, but couldn't remember the year it was built. So I logged on to the website where we found it and you would never believe what I found. The house didn't sell! Had Bryan and I made that offer last night we would have gotten the house! I called Bryan and told him this and now we are back to maybe this is supposed to be our house. Now it has gone to a daily deadline and whoever bids the highest the soonest gets it (meaning if we were to bid today we would probably get it even if our bid was pretty low)! The sucky part about all of this is you never know when someone is going to bid. This house could be on the market for another two weeks or it could be gone tomorrow! So Bryan and I have to decide - Are we going to find another realtor and bid on this house? Should we wait for his dad's licence to renew and if it's gone then it's gone? OR Should we just stick with an apartment for another year and start a family now?

The stress begins again! I hate being in limbo like this. I want that house so bad I can't stand it. But I also want to start a family. Bryan and I have a lot to think about, and a very short time to make some very important decisions! (Talk about your "good grief" situations!)

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