Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wii Fit

Bryan has been talking about this new game for the Wii called a Wii Fit. When he was telling me about it I thought it was just an extremely expensive work out video so of course I didn't want to get one. I knew he really wanted it though so last Friday I found out from mom that they had some at Toys R Us. So of course I got one! After I brought it home I thought to myself "Self, you deserve something too!" So went out and bought myself some beautiful red Gerber's and arranged them with these pretty little purple flowers.... Aren't they beautiful?! Anyway, we decided to spend all night Friday playing with the Wii, and it was actually a lot of fun! You can do a bunch of different things. Bryan likes the strength training and I love the yoga section! There's also an aerobics section and balance games. Bryan and I took turns playing around in the different sections. It's funny though because at the beginning of the game you have to input information like your height, age, and how heavy your clothes are. Then the Wii board measures your weight and determines your BMI. Then it takes all of that information and changes your Mii (a little person you make to look like you) to either be tall or short and either Fat or skinny. It's so funny! My poor little Mii got fat! My little brother and sister also made a Mii and played. Both of their Mii's got really skinny! Here's a few pics of Daniel and Bryan playing a few of the games...
Side Twists.... Go Bryan Go!!

Oh my goodness! These push ups are CRAZY!! First they have you do a really slow push up (it can tell if you're going too fast) and then it has you balance yourself for 15 or 30 seconds on one hand!

Like I said - CRRRAAAAZY!!!

I'm not sure what this game was, but I thought it was a funny picture!
Here's Daniel's attempt at Yoga.

Can you see his face? lol....

Poor Daniel!

Lol, this game is a lot of fun! I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a Wii!

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