Sunday, June 8, 2008


Ok so I made a HUGE mistake! Bryan and I took a little weekend off together a while back and I got pictures of everything. We went to a baseball game, I got a really cute new dress, we stayed at the Westin Hotel, and had a lot of fun! So I was going through my camera and deleting pictures and I could have sworn that I already loaded those pictures onto my computer but... I didn't! So now I am frantically searching for a way to get those pictures back. Any advice? Anyone who knows or can think of any ideas PLEASE HELP!

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Mandy & Aron said...

If you have a system mechanic type program to keep your computer "clean" it may have a file recovery tool, check that first. If not you can find some online that you download. Just type in deleted pictue recovery or something like that in google. They show you what they find before you have to pay for it. Same thing happened to me a while ago, :) Good luck!