Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Fun Songs

Ok, so I know a few people get really annoyed at those people who put songs on their blogs... well, you can be annoyed at me now! I dedicate the first song to Jessica Renea- she LOVES enchanted so I know she'll appreciate this song. The second one is for me, I really like this song right now. And the third is for all you other bloggers with nothing better to do then read my blog! lol, and since I have nothing better to do - I'm now going to read all of your blogs! Hope they're updated ;) !

1 comment:

Ben and Jessica said...

I LOVE the working song! Thank you for putting that on here! Although I'll probably never hear it since I do most of my blog stalking at work where I don't have sound, the thought is there and I'm singing the song to myself in my head, lol. And I'm so stinkin jealous of ya'll for getting that Wii Fit.. Don't forget that I have a birthday coming up in November! Or even better an anniversary in September, tell Ben! Oh, and seriously.. just fyi.. I tried this whole pregnant yoga thing. It's hard! Like REALLY hard!! I lasted about 15 minutes then I was wore out! They don't go easy on you because you're pregnant, big jerks!