Monday, April 21, 2008

Five Things...

Alright Emily, here's my tag...
5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1. Trying out for PAL at Hendrick
2. Spending way too much time with friends
3. Playing my last year of Soccer (then I tried coaching... that was a joke!)
4. Meeting and becoming friends with Bryan
5. Finding new ways to cover for Jessica while she finds new things to tell on me about!

5 things on my to-do list
1. Finish laundry
2. figure out how to use my student loans to pay for classes
3. Finish School
4. Find and buy the perfect house (in our budget)
5. Try again at this being pregnant thing

5 snacks I like
1. Ice Cream
2. Frozen Yogurt
3. Dippin dots
4. Watermelon
5. Pineapple

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1. Finish school with out student loans
2. Buy the perfect house (in our new budget)
3. Pay off my car
4. Quit my job and take a serious vacation
5. Set up a college fund for my future children

5 bad habits
1. biting my nails
2. eating ice cream too often
3. waiting way too long to do the laundry
4. not telling Bryan how much I love him often enough
5.not being able to think of enough bad habits

5 jobs I have had
1. Soccer Coach
2. Tom Thumb Cashier
3. Apple Creek- Preschool Teacher
4. PASAR (Wyatt Elementary)- Activity Specialist
5. PASAR (Wyatt Elementary)- Assistant Site Manager

5 places I have lived
1. Gardenia California
2. Victorville California
3. Plano Texas
4. Allen Texas
5. Plano Texas

5 people I Tag
1. Jessica Renea
2. Jamie
3. Lisa
4. Sister Kari Tolle
5. Katie

1 comment:

Ben and Jessica said...

Two things.. Three of your favorite snacks were ice cream. Wowza Rand.. Like ice cream a bit much? lol.. I had no idea you were such an ice cream lover. And secondly, how funny that righteous Randi is SO righteous that she only has 4 bad habits! ha ha..