Thursday, November 29, 2012


I didn't really do a great job at taking pictures this year during Thanksgiving. Regardless, it was a pretty great day. We got to see Bryan's family and my family, had way too much to eat, and even started putting up Christmas after dinner was over! Here are a few pictures that we did get:

Aside from the dog at the table, this is pretty much what we looked like... NOT! 

Every year we take a "sisters" picture, and I'm positive that this years picture is, by far, the best one EVER!!

 Lol, sorry Jess, I had to share! Really, though, our pictures pretty much rock.

And, I had to add this one because #1- aren't we so cute?! and #2- look how skinny I look! (17lbs down, only 6 to go!)
 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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