Sunday, August 8, 2010

Best Sunday EVER

Today was a really great day! It didn't start out too great, but it turned out to be pretty amazing. So here's how it went down:
Michelle woke up at 5:00. I got up and rocked her back to sleep, and then went back to bed myself. Michelle woke up again at 5:30. I decided to let her fuss for a minute and she went back to sleep. Michelle woke up again at 6:00. And again at 6:15, and one last time at 6:30. I oh so happily threw off the covers and gently reminded Michelle that we don't wake up until 7:00 at the earliest! Bryan, also annoyed with Michelle, got up and let the dogs out. I proceeded to bring Michelle back into my bed in one last, desperate, attempt to get her to sleep just a little longer. Michelle found this to be the perfect opportunity to jump, roll, fall, and bounce on Mommy and Daddy's "big" bed. So we got up and started our morning routine (see previous post titled It Used to be Fun). While Michelle ate breakfast I finished my lesson and put together my handouts.
**Speaking of which- does anyone know how to post a word document into your blog? I've seen a few people do it, but I can't figure it out! The reason I bring this up is because it has been suggested to me a few times that I start posting my lesson's and handouts through Sugardoodle or through my blog, but I'm not really sure how to do either!
Anyway, Michelle went down for her nap pretty early since she woke up pretty early. This gave me time to work on another church project. I put together a Spiritual Thought kit for the Young Women. It turned out really well. I was very pleased, and would love to share it with everyone, but, again, I don't know how! I then worked on a few things for my Beehives and made reminder calls. Michelle woke up and BAM whole new baby! She was sweet and fun and just too cute for the rest of the day! From then on the day just kept getting better! WE actually made it to church on time, and when we got there we got to sit next to Jessica and Clayton! They came down from Bonham to go to church with us. Well, they actually came down to see my dad be set apart as a high priest, but what ev! Thanks to Clayton being at church Michelle had one of the best days at church that she has ever had. She was entertained and had lots of fun all three hours! During the third hour I taught the YW lesson on Agency. It went really well. I was a little bummed because right at the beginning of my lesson my Mom, Katie, and Jess all had to leave to go see Dad be set apart, but I didn't get to go. I heard that it went really well and I'm proud of my Dad for his "upgrade" in the priesthood, but I wish I could have been there. ANYWHO! After my lesson I had three girls tell me how much they liked it and I even had a teacher ask me for a copy of all my stuff so she could use it as a FHE lesson! I was so proud of myself! Then I came home and put Michelle down for her second nap- she was pooped! We had a great dinner and got to spend more time with Jess and Clayton. Michelle loves her cousin so much; they always have so much fun screaming and chasing and just being together. After dinner Jess gave me her Brownie Cookie recipe and, I have to say, I did a pretty dang good job replicating her cookies! Half of them were gone before I could even finish baking. Around 7:30 Jess and Clayton had to leave and it was time for Michelle to take a tub. Bryan took her upstairs and played with her and washed her while I got to sit here and blog away! Lots of family time, good church meetings, a great lesson, a happy baby, time to relax and a loving husband- Like I said, Best Sunday Ever!

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