Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All she ever wanted...

This is the face we have been seeing a lot lately. Michelle has been REALLY fussy anytime she's awake and we can't figure out why. She even fusses while she's eating! In fact the only time she's not fussing is when she's asleep or being bounced. That's right- not cuddled, not swinging, not sucking on a binky- Bounced! So I've called the doctor about this and am currently waiting to hear if he would like us to come in for an appointment, or if I'm just being a new mom and am making a big deal out of a "normal" baby behavior. On a happier note- she melted my heart yesterday! Bryan and I were in our room getting ready for bed when Michelle woke up and immediately started crying. Bryan, being the good daddy that he is, picked her right up and started bouncing her. So he was bouncing her and bouncing her and it wasn't working. My mom came in to see why she was crying for so long and offered to take her and give it a try. So now grandma is cuddling her and trying to sooth her. Well she tried for a few minutes and we were still having no success! At this point I was starting to get that feeling of "my poor baby, someone do something to help her!"and I think my mom could tell. She handed Michelle over to me and guess what... Instantly stopped crying and was content and happy! All she ever wanted was her mom! It's those moments that I just want to squeeze her, but I know that will hurt her...so I don't.

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