Friday, May 22, 2009

New Due Date!

I had another doctors appointment today, and got some very exciting news! I have a new due date! Actually an inducement date... but it's two days before my original due date so really my old due date is now just a day that I can guarantee to be in the hospital for. (Sorry Rosa- I'm not due on your birthday anymore, and there's no chance of me going into labor on that day either!) So, for those who don't remember my original due date it WAS Friday, June 12. I am now due to be induced on Wednesday June 10! This means that I will be done working only 5 days beforeI have my baby instead of a whole week... oh good grief... I hadn't really thought about that until just now... (deep breath) well, I guess I better get going on those last minute preparations! 

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Ben and Jessica said...

Don't think of it as ONLY 5 days.. think of it as 5 full days of vacation.. Your last 5 days of freedom.. 5 days of relaxation that you won't get again for a very long time.. lol. Plus, you guys are set. You're totally ready to bring that baby home. Don't stress. 2 weeks from today and we'll get to hold little baby Michelin! I can't wait! I hope she's fat, and marshmellowy, and squishy. I can't wait to meet her!