Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gestational Diabetes?

Tuesday morning I woke up earlier then usually so that I could drink a nasty little drink and go sit in my doctors office for an hour to be tested for gestational diabetes. The whole night before the test and even the morning of I let everyone know how ridiculous I thought this test was. I haven't been gaining or losing weight in a crazy amount, feeling over tired or dizzy, I haven't had low blood sugar, or high blood sugar for that matter, that I could tell... I have had absolutely no signs of diabetes at all! BUT- I know this is just one of those routine tests that everyone has to take and because I want my baby to be healthy I sucked it up and chugged that drink in less then a minute! Thirty minutes later I went in to my appointment where I was told that my weight is perfect, my tummy is measuring perfect, and everything else (I'll spare you the details) is right where it should be! The nurse then came in, took my blood, and told me she would have the results back by tomorrow (Wednesday). So I left, "knowing" she would call me back and say the results were normal and I was doing great. WRONG! I was totally blown away when she called to let me know that my results were "abnormal".
"So what does this mean?" I ask. This means that I have to go back in on Monday for a THREE HOUR test! I'll get there right when they open, and they'll take my blood. Then I'll drink another nasty drink and they'll take my blood again. Then they'll take blood again every hour on the hour for three hours after that. If two of the four "after the drink" tests come back abnormal then I have gestational diabetes. Ridiculous.

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