Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Play Date

Have I ever mentioned how much I love play-dates? A few days ago my brother-in-law had to have surgery on his knee. So while Jessica was up at the hospital with Ben, Michelle got to have Clayton over for a "Super Play-date"! Clayton is a really good kid so it made for a really fun day!

They started the day bright and early (around 7:30) with some good old make-believe in the playroom. In this pic Michelle was "sick" so Clayton was being a doctor and measuring her.
After a little bit the playroom got boring so we moved on to coloring in the living room.
That didn't last very long, and it was a B-E-A-utiful day outside, so we went to the driveway to chalk for a while.
After a bit of outside fun we came back in to have a pic-nick in the living room for lunch. Yes, that's my lovely daughter using her spoon like a cave man. But, hey! At least she's using a spoon!
After lunch everyone was pretty tired, so they all went down for a nap...
aren't they so sweet?
This is always my favorite part of the day.
A few hours later everyone was back up and ready for more fun!
I'm not sure about you, but I love me some chocolate strawberries! And I figured, with the kids helping, we could dip all my strawberries in no time!
Little did I know that they were able to eat just as many as they dipped, and just as quickly too!
So while they were munching on Strawberries, and Tina was munching on her Bumbo (LOL!)...
I was thinking to myself- I LOVE play-dates! Oh, yeah, and that I hoped Ben was doing well... yeah, it wasn't selfish thoughts at all!

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tawna said...

What a good mama/auntie! LOVE the pic of michelle and her choco covered mouth- CRAZY eyes! Thats what some good chocolate does to me, too. :)

and Woooot for some east side pride blanket! Plano, plano, EAST EAST! :D