Friday, June 25, 2010

Pictures I didn't post about

Ok, so these are all pictures that I have a story for, but just didn't find the time to post them. They loaded backwards, but for this post it doesn't really matter. Just know that the last picture is really the oldest and the first on is the most recent. So here's the short version on each-
Michelle got a big girl bed!
She has become quite the little tornado!

Michelle likes to play Wii Fit... as long as no one is looking!

YUM- her first popsicle by the pool!

We have a walker!

How cute is she?! (I'm talking about Michelle, of course) She did a great job at her first YW activity!

Time to babyproof the house!

The girl loves to swim.

We braved all the bees and took bluebonnet pictures.

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Anonymous said...

wow happy family i like