Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Name and a Blessing

On August 2nd we were able to give Michelle her blessing. Bryan did such a wonderful job. The spirit was so strong during her blessing. We were also so pleased to have so much support. Bryan's whole family came to sacrament just to see her blessed! It was really nice to have my family (Mom, Dad, Jess, Ben, Clayton, Daniel and Katie (Ryan had to work :( )) sitting behind us, and Bryan's family (Mom, Dennis, Grandma Jo, Dad, and Lori) sitting next to us. We took up two center benches! When Bryan and I were talking about who to have stand in it really hit us how many people we have grown to love in our ward. After making a list of everyone we wanted to ask we decided to seriously cut back the number of people. In the end we had my Dad, Bryan, Ben, Daniel (holding the mic), and Brother- Johnson, Beer, Harden, Terri, Porter, and Longhurst all standing in! It was such a wonderful moment!

After her blessing I had to hurry away to pass out the RS newsletter, hand out birthday candies and then, during third hour, teach the YW combined lesson. After church we all met back at the house for lunch. Soon after lunch was over Jess, Ben and Clayton had to get back to hooterville and Bryan, Michelle and I were in desperate need of a nap! All in all- it was a great day!


Alvin Peterson said...

Guess I'm chopped liver!

Randi and Bryan said...

No, you're assumed... ok I forgot what assuming did... There I fixed it!

Kari said...

This is one of the sweetest pictures I have ever seen!